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About company

Federica Bugatti company was founded in 2016. It reached leading company positions on the heating market of Russia and European Union. The company is presented by more than 150 points of sale and 300 maintenance centers. Heating equipment is supplied from more than 10 European factories. The company owns its equipment inspection and quality control system. The company positions itself as a supplier of high-quality engineering solutions on the platform of its own equipment.
Mission: Application of the acquired skills, professionalism and expertise in addressing the issues of providing engineering solutions to end users. Involvement in the process of structural detail, the formation of reference projects of heating systems. Compliance with the expectations in terms of service and guarantees, social responsibility. The pursuit of innovation, the use of new technologies in the design of engineering systems under a single brand.
Training events
The geography of training of specialists in the field of heating during 2019 includes more than 50 cities of the Russian Federation, as well as more than 100 organizations. The seminar affects the design features of all devices under the Federica Bugatti brand, the procedure for installation and maintenance. In all cities where heating equipment is sold, accreditation was obtained by municipal
Gas supply departments.
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Participation in international exhibitions

The equipment under the brand name Federica Bugatti is widely known among professionals of the heating market of Russia and worldwide. The company tries to seize the opportunity to participate in specialized exhibitions. For Aquaterm 2018 the only functioning heating system was designed in a piping with 2 boilers, a hydraulic separator, a separating manifold, pump groups, stainless steel and polymer collectors, steel panel radiators, a polypropylene pipe and cross-linked PE-Xa polyethylene.
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Brand stores

Since 2017, over 20 stores in the corporate style of Federica Bugatti have been opened in Russia. We are ready to provide you with a turnkey solution in the field of heating equipment trade, show a portfolio of existing stores, as well as acquaint you with the dynamics of growth, based on the experience of sales in different cities of the Russian Federation.
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 The advantages of the company

  • Direct deliveries
  • Quality control equipment
  • Ready packaged solutions
  • Price control
  • Transparent earnings for the Partner
  • Internet sales support, local marketing
  • Essential package of POS materials, souveniers
  • Work Standards